5/52: Places to visit.

I often daydream about the places I want to go. It isn't hard, as I follow some instagram feeds that post about Iceland constantly. Also, my husband is a huge LOTR fan, so New Zealand is easy to dream about. He's also always wanted to visit Scotland as that is his heritage. I'm constantly thinking about my dreams of travel to places far away. For now, it's a dream for us. I hope to one day make it happen, but I will take the pretty pictures over nothing any day.

Thinking now, there are a couple other places I'd love to visit, although Iceland, New Zealand, and Scotland are my top 3 for a few reasons: grand landscapes, an abundance of nature, and just look at 'em! I can't help but have wanderlust over these stunning places. A couple of others would have to be Thailand, Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile, Alaska, Yosemite National Park, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Norway, The Netherlands, White Sands National Monument... the list goes on and on. Crossing my fingers for the lottery... ;)