4/52: A summer memory.

A couple years ago, in June 2013, my husband and I were living in AZ temporarily. We had moved there at the beginning of 2013 so he could go to school. While we were there, my family visited, including my sister + brother-in-law. Unfortunately, Nicholas couldn't go on any adventures with us because of school :( so the three of us headed north. First we stopped at the Grand Canyon (which was my 4th time that year while living there!). We ended up hiking in + out of the canyon one of the days we were there. It was really beautiful, really challenging, and totally worth it. Then, we headed up to Zion National Park in Utah to hike The Narrows. Now this, this was the greatest experience of my life thus far. It was so amazing hiking through these giant canyons that towered over you. They made you feel so small + it was just such a neat adventure. We even had to hike waist-deep in the river at times, which was so rad! I loved it. I cannot wait to go back one day to hike again + to bring Nicholas along so he can experience it for himself. This is most definitely one of my favorite memories to date.