1/52: 2015… a word, a mantra or your focus for the new year.

It's funny because I don't think of myself as a super busy person, and I definitely don't try to be, yet I still find myself feeling a little bit bogged down by my responsibilities. I'd like to remember to take a break every once in awhile in 2015 + do something I just really want to do because I JUST want to. Even if that "something" is actually "nothing." I think we all owe it to ourselves to stop working for a minute and just breathe, watch some Netflix, and totally relax. Tonight I actually sat down + watched some tv while eating dinner. I ran around all day (well, drove) because I found an AWESOME claw foot tub for a STEAL! I'm not complaining that I was gone all day mostly driving, because I want to cry happy tears over that tub, but it kind of wore me out. So, instead of pushing myself, I decided to take a little break + I feel so much happier because of it. It was nice to relax for a night instead of forcing myself to work. And because of that relaxation, I was inspired + motivated enough to create this lettering/post!