3/52: One thing to do more often.

I chose to 'slow down.' Very often, I get caught up in the motions of life and I'm left feeling unfulfilled. I do what I need to do that day, and nothing more to truly feel like I'm living. This doesn't mean I never feel fulfilled, and it's not to say I am unhappy with my life, because neither of those are the case. Sometimes though, I feel like I'm not truly doing what I should to make the most of every day. So, I want to remind myself to slow down, look around, and take it all in. I want to remember to notice + absorb the small things, because those things mean so much to me. I notice that when I do that, I end up feeling happier than when I let those pass. So, I'd like to remember to slow down + to really, truly live my life before it slips on by.